How to Find New Customers with Facebook Audience Insights

Marketing has become more and more data driven and advertising platforms have adapted to that by providing detailed targeting options for online marketing campaigns.One of the biggest data collectors of them all is Facebook with over 600 targeting options. One of the best ways to use data is to find new customers with Facebooks Audience Insights.

Here are three ways to plug in existing data to Facebook and find new target audiences for your campaigns.

1. Create and Upload Custom Audiences on Facebook

The first step in this process is to identify user liststhat are large enough. The more users you have in a list, the more detailed information you will get. This information will reveal additional ways to target your ideal audience on Facebook.

There are several audiences that you should create and upload to receive reliable information:

Website visitors (through remarketing)Email listsCustomer listsPage Likes (Facebook builds it automatically)The first three lists are the most reliable ones while likes might not be the best source since people that like a page arent necessarily potential customers. People like Facebook pages because they might like a post or an imagebut they might not be necessarily interested in the products or services of the business.

If you want to upload an existing user list or analyze website visitors, you can set it up in the audiences section of your Facebook Ad Manager:

Facebook audience insights

Then click on Create Audience and Custom Audience:

Facebook audience insights 2

Then select the audience type you want to work on and follow Facebooksinstructions to set it up:

facebook audience insights 3

2. Open Audience Insights and Select the Audiences You Want to Analyze

Getting access to audience insights is extremely easy and it only takes a couple of clicks. First of all, you need to log in to your Facebook ad manager and then click on tools. Audience Insights is the second tool in the menu:

facebook audience insights 4

Once opened, you will be asked to select the type of audience that you want to analyze:

facebook audience insights 5

You are not limited to selecting one audience at the time but you can actually select multiple audiences to create a larger pool of users and get access to more insights.

3. Analyze the Insights to Find More Target Groups

Once you select the audiences to analyze you can start looking into the different insights and learn more about whoyour customers are. This allows you to find additional audiences to target. For instance, analyzing an email list combinedwith website visitors we were able to find out the following insights:

84% of our audience are women and they are mostly below the age of 44

facebook audience insights 6

There are certain pages that are likely to generate great results if targeted as an interest because they are mostly followed by our audience

Facebook audience insights 7

The audience is mostly using both Desktop and Mobile devices on Facebook

Facebook audience insights 8

There are many more insights to use as target methods for new ad sets. They will help you create effective marketing campaigns and scale up traffic acquisition on Facebook.

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Rocco Baldassarre is a digital marketing consultant and entrepreneur. He is best known for being the founder of the award winning digital marketing agency Zebra Advertisement and being the youngest Google Partners All-Stars Winner at the age of 24. He also founded 1DollarAd and International PPC among other businesses. For his work with Bing Ads, Microsoft awarded him the Most Valuable Professional Award and he has been featured by The Huffington Post, The New York Times, and Upwork's Annual Impact Report among other publications.



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